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Codex Sinaiticus

I’ve just added a new link to the blogroll in the sidebar. The link will take you to the newly released Codex Sinaiticus Project website. These new sites are the types of things that make the Internet “worth it” more and more these days. We are now able to have access to the world’s oldest complete copy of the Greek New Testament, for free, at our home computers. We can study it and read it and just enjoy the fact that God has providentially preserved such a manuscript for us to use in translating His word into the rest of the world’s languages. God be praised!

Here is some more information about the codex and the web site. Enjoy!

Codex Sinaiticus

Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world. Handwritten well over 1600 years ago, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. Its heavily corrected text is of outstanding importance for the history of the Bible and the manuscript – the oldest substantial book to survive Antiquity – is of supreme importance for the history of the book.

The Codex Sinaiticus Project

The Codex Sinaiticus Project is an international collaboration to reunite the entire manuscript in digital form and make it accessible to a global audience for the first time. Drawing on the expertise of leading scholars, conservators and curators, the Project gives everyone the opportunity to connect directly with this famous manuscript.

The Codex Sinaiticus Website

This is the first release of the Codex Sinaiticus Project website. This website will be substantially updated in November 2008 and in July 2009, by when the website will have been fully developed.

2 Responses to “Codex Sinaiticus”

  1. paul martin Says:

    i am very interested in studying biblical Greek i recieved jesus while in prison .now that ihave been released i no longer have access to study material. please e mail me if you know a way to continue my study on biblical greek. thank you.

  2. Glenn Says:


    What material have you used before today? I think that the audio on this web site might help you continue your study in Greek if you are able to get the textbooks that are on the “about” page of our web site. Please let me know what you’ve learned and we can go from there. Thanks!