Biblical Greek

Learning the Basics for the Glory of Jesus Christ

Audio: Chapter 9

This week we covered chapter 9 in our text book. It was on the topic of adjectives and how the Greek language uses them. Thankfully, they are very similar to English and you only have to memorize about 3 rules for how to differentiate between the different uses of the adjective in Greek. Most of the rules have to do with the presence of the Greek article.

Below you will find the audio for those of you who missed class or simply want to review any portion that you were not clear on after class. Please note that we will not have class for the next two Sundays. Our next class will meet on March 30th, the weekend after Easter. I hope that you will all be ready to fly into some verbs on that day!  🙂

You should do your best, since you have over two weeks to prepare, to read chapters 15 and 16 before March 30th. That will prepare you for the class and hopefully help our class time reinforce what you’ve already read about.

See you soon!

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