Biblical Greek

Learning the Basics for the Glory of Jesus Christ

BibleArc.comJames Grant said:

I have mentioned the website on this blog before, but since I referenced it, they have made a lot of improvements. The developer of lists these as the major addition:

  • a “Share” section by which you can view others’ work, with Email Alerts
  • ability to Email Your Arc from the site
  • Instant Parsing of Greek words
  • the Old Testament in both English and Hebrew
  • LBLA (Spanish translation) added
  • Auto-Save option
  • Translucent Sticky Notes
  • new Tabs for easier viewing of your arc, notes, and comments
  • Rich Text Editor for propositions, sticky notes, and notes tab
  • Instant Search of your arcs
  • new Arc Graphics (for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) that are 10x faster and much more attractive
  • Recently Shared Arcs listed on the create page

If you are not familiar with arcing, it is described as “a graphical tool used to determine, document, and discuss the flow of thought in the Biblical text.” John Piper has a short booklet on biblical exegesis that explains arcing. You can also see Tom Schreiner’s book Interpreting the Pauline Epistles.

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