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by biblicalgreek

Audio: Chapter 22 Review

This week was a good review of chapter 22. We also practiced some parsing and translation from the workbook. Next week we will be covering chapter 23, so come prepared having read the chapter and writen down any questions you might have. After next week we should be having two review weeks before we move on to chapter 25. This should give everyone a chance to get thouroughly acquanted with the Aorist Tense of Greek. It’s a very important tense and we don’t want to pass over it lightly. Until next time!  🙂


by biblicalgreek

Audio: Chapter 22

This past Sunday we started talking about the coming Fall semester. We even decided to go ahead and introduce the second aorist verb form by reading through chapter 22 of our textbook. Don’t worry, this was just an intro and we will be reviewing this same chapter again next week and doing some translation work. Please plan on coming to our official launch date, September 21st, at 4:45 PM, if you are interested in stepping back into the world of New Testament Greek after having had a good summer break. See you there!