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Audio: Chapter 9

This week we covered chapter 9 in our text book. It was on the topic of adjectives and how the Greek language uses them. Thankfully, they are very similar to English and you only have to memorize about 3 rules for how to differentiate between the different uses of the adjective in Greek. Most of the rules have to do with the presence of the Greek article.

Below you will find the audio for those of you who missed class or simply want to review any portion that you were not clear on after class. Please note that we will not have class for the next two Sundays. Our next class will meet on March 30th, the weekend after Easter. I hope that you will all be ready to fly into some verbs on that day!  🙂

You should do your best, since you have over two weeks to prepare, to read chapters 15 and 16 before March 30th. That will prepare you for the class and hopefully help our class time reinforce what you’ve already read about.

See you soon!


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Biblical Greek Bookstore!

Hello Class! I just wanted to point out to everyone that I have added a New Testament Greek Bookstore to our web site. I hope you will all check it and even consider buying a Greek Reader’s New Testament from it.

Either way, if you are going to buy anything from Amazon in the future, please buy it from this store. Even if it is not a book, you can use the Amazon search tool at the top of the bookstore page and search for whatever you want. Just make sure that when you search for something, that you are searching for it on this page when you click on the item to add it to your shopping cart. I hope that makes sense, please ask any questions if you are not sure how it works. But if you do buy from our store, you will help me out and you won’t have to pay any extra money to help me out.  🙂 You pay the same price you would pay on without my bookstore, so help a brother out!

Here is the link: Biblical Greek Bookstore


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Audio: Review Week

This week we reviewed chapters six through eight and primarily worked on translations in our workbook. We also ended the class with a special treat by translating the verse (1 John 2:2) from this morning’s Sermon by pastor David named, “Christ, My Propitiation.” This audio should help you work through the translations that we did in class, for those of you who missed this week. Enjoy!