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Alpha Class Audio: Part 2

For podcasting purposes, I’m breaking up the audio into separate posts so that the RSS feed is able to register each audio file in programs such as iTunes. Let me know if there are any problems.


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Alpha Class Audio: Part 1

Here are the two audio files for everyone to download and listen to if you either missed the first class or simply want to hear the vocab or alphabet pronounced again. Part 1 is the only audio file that will show up in the podcast feed, but both are attached to this post. See the next in the feed for podcasting purposes.


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Course Syllabus

BG@CBC Course Syllabus

Here is the class syllabus for anyone who didn’t get one or if something bad happened to the one your received this past Sunday.

Also, here is the Brief History of the Greek Language PDF with all the blanks filled in. Please feel free to ask more questions about the history of the language and I will do my best to answer them.


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Biblical Greek Chapters 1-4

BBG Introduction and BBG Chapters 1-4

Here are the two PDF files I mentioned for those of you who do not yet have the textbook. Please download these and read through them this week. You will need this information to learn the alphabet rules and pronunciation, as well as the rules for syllabification.

As a general rule, please post a question or E-mail me with any questions you have regarding what you read or the homework you are assigned. I hope you enjoy getting into this as much as I will enjoy teaching you and helping you learn this ancient and awesome language!

May God be glorified and all that we do!